Broaden your horizon – learn new things about this wonderful world.

Many people went to school years ago, you got a degree, BUT there is so much more to know in these fast changing times.  Some of you may never had gone to college at all – BUT it is never too late to learn something new.  Everyday we have a new chance, and many of us have used our time at work to learn and grow.

Now take a look around you – do you see something new today?

You can add to your knowledge base free –  just join one of the many avenues that offer free courses.  Here are options:

Online Creative Writing Courses Offered Free by Top Universities and Educational Websites

Bestsellers: Detective Fiction
Bestsellers: Detective Fiction
  • Writing Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Essay Writing
  • Editing & Proofreading

Find out more HERE  or get a complete list of subjects HERE.

Whether you are just a beginner writer or want to improve yourself – or maybe you want to freshen up your writing, adding a challenge to your life.  Free education on-line gives the average person an extra edge.  Knowledge is always good.

Sometimes music playing in the background helps the creative side.  Maybe you want to add more music appreciation into your life?

Free Online Music History and Appreciation Courses from Top Universities

Modern Music: 1900-1960
Modern Music: 1900-1960
  • Modern
  • History of Jazz
  • Introduction to World Music
  • Symphony & Concerto

Find out more HERE.

Content_Strategy_MOOC_ReColor---SizedCurrently I am taking a course for FREE using the COURSERA program.  This is another great asset with many subjects to chose from, and many Universities that offer FREE on-line courses.

  • Science
  • Nutrition
  • Law
  • Computers
  • Business courses (I am currently taking Content Strategy with Northeastern University)

So don’t get bored in life, and don’t settle.  Everyday we can become more knowledgeable. online courses

There is no such thing as ‘having all the answers’ because there is always more to learn.  I hope you take the opportunity to check out some of these offers and engage in learning more…  Not to get a degree, but for the pure pleasure of learning FOR YOURSELF!

EZlogobutton   Keep reading – Keep writing!

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