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If anyone out there is interested in news writing, or wants to know more about Public Relations writing or new laws concerning media, you may be interested in these free videos. There are 15 free videos from Teacher Resources / Literature / News Writing.  Check out this link:   News Writing Learner.org Resources series 15 videos

 Here are the topics covered:

  1. What Is News?newspaper-hi
  2. Hard News Leads
  3. News Writing Language and Style
  4. Development and Organization of a Story
  5. Dealing With Sources
  6. Good Writing vs. Good Reporting
  7. Beat Reporting
  8. Broadcast News Writing
  9. Public Relations Writing
  10. Beyond the Summary Lead
  11. Feature Writing Styles
  12. Column Writing and Editorial Writing
  13. Covering Disasters
  14. The Ethics of Journalism
  15. Media Law

My favorite video –  14. The Ethics of Journalism

I think all students need to learn about Ethics, and those who are self-taught should not skip this lesson.

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