The Web of Life

We all communicate with others at some scale. Networking has become a buzz word in business today. Even writers and authors are being advised to network and create platforms as a new necessity to build your brand or sell your book.

I suppose in reality we have all been networking since the day we were born. Our connections to parents, family and friends are a crucial part of our human development. We all try to connect with nature around us as well, in some form or another, by hiking, kayaking, skiing, fishing or swimming . . . the list of outdoor activities are immense.

The truth of the matter is we are more interconnected to the world around us than we thought. The bees swarming around my floral bushes may have more in common with me than I care to acknowledge. We both use some of the same connections – we are part of the same network.

facebookI propose that each and every one of us is connected already, and what we need is to open our eyes and accept the truth about our existence and our world.Question anyone

Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Let the reality of answers soak in without remorse, and use the knowledge in your creative endeavors to imagine even more . . .

Knowledge is truth, ever-changing and always powerful.

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