Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are done deals, maybe we can concentrate on the holiday ahead. Not the shopping, baking and gift buying. . .

Instead, I’d like to suggest that we take time to do a bit of self-reflection. Think about your life in whole and the finger print you are leaving on this planet.

Think of how you interact with others, and also how you view yourself. Most important, are you leaving a trail of wastefulness or planting a field of good measure.

In no way are we ever going to become saints, and perfection is not the issue. It’s our intentions – the motivation from the heart. It’s easy to become self-absorbed in an unhealthy way, especially during the holidays. Buying new gadgets to keep up, without thinking or caring about the electronic dump sites we help create, is one way we become wasteful. Think before buying a new phone.

Maybe with reflection we can change our intentions, and work toward loftier goals.

So instead of checking your list of material gifts to give or receive, think in terms of good wishes you have for others. You could give your time instead of material presents. Many lonely people would cherish your time spent with them, like the forgotten elderly or the hospitalized veterans.

Your fingerprint on other people’s lives is precious.

Spending your energy on others will not only cheer them, but will most likely make your day as well.

Happy holidays – I wish you life’s best.

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      1. Thanks for the shout-out Elisabeth, I’ve actually been rather remiss on blogging for the last month or so (where does the time go!) so this is a timely reminder to get some new posts up before I forget where I’ve been:-)

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