Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

Does this sound familiar?

Tell someone to do something and they run in the opposite direction. Command to go left and they turn right.

Stubbornness YOU say…I say NO. It’s just a stand against conformity.

If everyone followed restrictions there would be no creativity. Everyone would look like everyone else. Every book would be just like the last book. Life would be boring!

Don’t tell what can or cannot be done – teach. Then let people listen, and store the message – let it soak it up in the mind. Later, when the information is needed, regurgitate it into something new – a creative thought, a piece of art, a story.

woman_scolding_child_1It has taken a lifetime to understand this concept, that being told is a breach of freedom from being an individual. As a parent, I was guilty of this too. I wanted to teach but instead I told too often, and I received rebellion. I had to break away from years of brainwashing.

Finally we can be free to think for ourselves without thoughts of staying in the lines. Today we have the ability to reach each other and share our thoughts.

Everyone has an open field, a level field. We can share and teach each other, and also not be afraid ofree-domain-name-registrationf our individualism.

 Embrace the freedom.

* Be open-minded in your creative thought, see new ideas.
* Learn the skill sets needed and use as a guide, without tampering your individualism.
* Share with others, your ideas and things learned.
* Accept others, and be kind.

 Even if you do not agree or like something, consider their rights. They have a voice that needs to be heard too.

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  1. I enjoyed this article on the path to individual freedom. The manner in which you shared your experience about stubborness and a self-analytical path to freedom was very interesting.

    Thank you.

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