Have you ever wanted to play with fate? Rebel without a cause

You know, do the unexpected . . .

We all have some rebellion in our nature, as we try to be an individual with our own thoughts, writing, art and music.  In reality, we are all made of the same basic emotions and we go through the same phases in life.  What makes us an individual is our interpretation of our surroundings.

puppetsTry looking at things without the strings.

Imagine the story in front of you – who is this person, place or thing?

Why? How come that happened? How far?

Let your skills gather the stimuli, and then churn it in your mind.  Invent your unique point of view, then let your imagination out.

Write it down, draw it up, sing out loud.  Be yourself.

Play with fate, and do something unexpected.

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  1. Brief, but excellent article. I enjoyed your liberated viewpoint on living our lives.’ A different perspective can challenge are minds and exercise our whits.

    Thank you.

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