I have been reading lately about 21st century technology and where it’s heading. New discoveries and the ongoing research around the human brain, how it works… and one thought jumps out. All the new computerized algorithms and all the visual stimulation we see today is still processed by the good old human brain. What a wonder we have on our heads.

There is nothing that beats good old fashion observation and researched knowledge. For centuries we have used our own perceptions to produce art and figure out complex theorems. So my take on everything new that’s happening now is – NOTHING HAS CHANGED – we still need to use our brain to process stimuli. All the new tech helps us, yes, but we still need to do things like always before – USE YOUR BRAIN.right side of brain From Manuel de L'Anatomiste Morel and Duval 1883

What do you think? Will Technology someday outpace our brain?

Watch this great clip –

the first is Sam Wang on the Big Think  –  The Twenty-First Century Brain 



  1. After reading a Rupert Sheldrake interview recently about morphic resonance I am sure that technology has a very long way to go before it comes anywhere near to aping nature. It is not just the brain but our ability to connect with and across other fields that makes life unique.

    1. Hello Claire – quite true we are more than brain. The whole idea of our souls, and our need to relate with others are other influences that cannot be replicated by technology – not yet. I enjoyed your article about Atkinson.

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