3 Ways Introverts Can Reach Readers

Reaching Out Is Hard To Do

Some writers excel at selling themselves, and we love them. They are confident, feel at ease with people, and like being center stage.

But what do you do if you’re an introvert?

Most writers are—introspective, loners, and some are true introverts—we would rather be in our corner writing. I know I’m not alone in this situation. What many don’t understand is that being a true introvert is more than being shy or preferring to be alone.


True introverts become drained when surrounded by people, even small groups, sometimes even one-on-one. They become fatigued. Sometimes it manifests itself with physical symptoms like sweating, feeling faint, rapid pulse, migraines and at times more drastic effects.

So what’s an introvert to do?

Here are three things I tried to help me connect with other book lovers:

  1. Surf various types of social media and join in conversations. Utilize the internet to its fullest. I suggest staying away from conversations regarding two things while on social media: politics and religion. These topics are volatile and often filtered with comments by trolls who invite trouble. If you’re not crazy about Facebook (where many authors hang out) then check out other media feeds like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr . . . there are many social media sites to choose from 60+Social Networking Sites You need to know about in 2018  Try them all until you find the one that fits you best. Don’t forget about group discussions in Goodreads, BookLikes, and LibraryThing, after all, they are the sites filled with book lovers like you. Wherever you feel comfortable joining and starting conversations, that’s where you should concentrate your efforts.
  2. Find online groups and forums regarding topics that you enjoy. It’s best when a group’s  discussions align with your interests—so look around, be fussy—until you discover a group where the discussions feel comfortable. Start up conversations. There are many Forums based on interests, like cars, gaming, technology, cooking, etc. For a  good initial search, go to wikipedia.org/List_of_Internet_forums and find a forum that aligns with your interests. Or do a Google search based on your hobby, curiosities, or that thing you’re researching for your book. Check out 60 niche social networks (especially for niche marketers)  another  Forums The Verge offers discussions that intersect technology, science, art, and culture. Find a forum that sparks your imagination and a safe place to connect.
  3. Join groups that have resources available online. If you don’t like attending conferences or meetups with local writing groups, you can still hear what other writers are talking about. There are focused groups that can help you navigate the maze of publishing, editing, and marketing. Look for prominent groups that have a sound record of pointing people in the right direction to the best online services. I have followed free services by many groups and then joined the one who offered the best fit for me.

A good start is ALLi  (Alliance of Independent Authors) A few others: BooksGoSocial based in Dublin, AiA (Association of Independent Authors), and  The Kindlepreneur

ALLi          BooksGoSocial

Member logo_jpg          Kindlepreneur

I’m not always successful with my attempts to socialize online, but I try to put myself out there and push my comfort level each day, as much as possible. Don’t forget to listen to your body. Interact as much as possible, but stop when you reach your limit. Nothing is worth you becoming ill.

I’m fortunate to have found many generous and interesting people online, some I consider an online friend. There’s nothing more gratifying than meeting another person online who get you’ and share the same insane interests or experiencing the same conflicts. This is how we can connect and socialize online while keeping our introvert borders intact.socialonline

One important thing to remember—The number one way to sell books is by word of mouth.

Word of mouth sells more books than Facebook, more than Twitter, etc. The bottom line is that we need to talk with others and let them know about our books and share the news, so connect!

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3 Reasons To Update Links: Details Matter

Student Reading Books Shows Learning

Small changes help books become visible.

Today I’m attempting to fix my book links. We all use them, we might even know enough to shorten links so it fits in a tweet, or to make it a custom URL so that it looks nice, and may even know to use some tools like Ow.ly and the Hootsuite Dashboard to track clicks on the links.

 The devil is in the details.

Today I’m beginning the process of updating my Amazon book links using global links— Changing them on my website and in my social media. It’s tedious, so why bother?

  1. First, when someone clicks on the global link it will direct them to their own country’s Amazon store. No need to add one for the USA and another for the UK, etc —the global link takes them to their familiar store. The big plus here is a better customer experience, and as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, this year is all about the customer.
  2. Second, using the global links gives the advantage of tracking the total number of clicks by country, thus giving you more insight into who’s clicking. This helps to further develop your customer profile. Every extra detail helps us define a strong customer base and ultimately reach more customers.
  3. Third, this can only help strengthen our brand platform. Google looks for branding so this is another way to tie it all together. Once you have the account set up (even the free version) you can add your Amazon Affiliate account number.

Check it out—it’s developed by Genius Link https://www.booklinker.net/index.php

If you’re only concerned about social media, you can use booklinker for all your Amazon book links that you use in your posts.

There is a Genius Link plugin for WordPress to use on your website, too. It’s called . . .

Amazon Link Engine

Some authors and writers who already know much about marketing may already know about this great service to generate universal links and perhaps, utilize the even more powerful tools available with the upgrade of a paid account. For people like myself who learn as we go, there is a free option that still adds a great service.

If for no other reason, use the universal link to make it a better experience for the customer.

One of the things I love about being an author is that there is always something new to learn . . .  One thing I hate about being an author is that there is always something new to learn. Yes, you can teach an old dog a new trick. Whether you like tech or not, using universal links just makes sense.

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Two Marketing Ideas for Indie Authors

Student Reading Books Shows LearningAnother Friday in 2018!

Today I wanted to write a post about a couple of services that I find helpful for Indie Authors marketing their books, and also for readers (which of course, indie authors are) looking for new stories to read.

There are fun ways to get noticed without breaking your piggy bank.

First is a service called Book Doggy.

Today my book IN THE WOODS is featured under new releases – check it out here.

This service is similar to Free Booksy and Bargain Booksy, however, the process to enter is easy, the service personal, and the social content fun. Best of all it’s very affordable.

I discovered Book Doggy via the IndiesUnlimited website that we all know and love. I joined to receive books in the thriller and historical fiction genres. I have scooped up a few good deals myself, enjoy the selection of quality books, and the ease of selecting my preferences.  I suggest you try this out as a reader and an author. Again, here’s my newest story via Book Doggy.

book doggy

The next marketing tool isn’t really a service. It’s a bus ride!

I joined the Facebook group called Author’s Bus Depot (it’s s closed group)

It’s an interesting concept. We connect via IM and ride a virtual book bus,  stop at each rider’s Facebook page, add a poster that supports Indie Authors, and then we list our books in the comments. Sounds weird, maybe it is, but it is also a fun way to market.

The idea behind the bus ride is that instead of posting to another overcrowded Facebook writer’s group, we post on each other’s pages to take advantage of each other’s friend list.

If you want to see how it works, join the group and take a ride as a passenger—you get to ride and see how it works. If you like the idea, you can sign up for the next bus as a rider and post your book. Oh, and the best part, this one is FREE.

bus depot

You can’t go wrong with either of these options!

I hope to see your book listed with Book Doggy or see you as a passenger at Author’s Bus Depot.

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Goals for 2018 – It’s All About the Customer

IMG_6986It’s that time of year

We say we’re not going to do it, but then at the last minute, we change our mind and decide that we do in fact need that commitment to ourselves.

So yes—WE SET UP GOALS for 2018.

IMG_4674We might have given up the ole’ standby goals and opted for more specific things to better our future. Instead of the generic “I will eat healthier” we may decide to be specific and vow to “cut out gluten”.

scrivener-progressInstead of saying that we will write a book, we may have raised the bar and decided to be specific and pledge to write 2000 words per working day. These are just examples of how we can make goals more specific to attain the loftier goal we are after.

It becomes even more important to be specific when dealing with another job that we Indie Authors must do, whether we like it or not. MARKETING

We all know that it’s important for our books to be seen, that there are many creative ways to attain this, and that it takes a lot of work. It’s more than posting a few social media posts every day, it’s more than relying on friends and family to spread the word for us. There are steps necessary to get our books seen, and most have to do with correct SEO etiquette, advertising, and talking up our work via blogging and other means.IMG_4689

It’s important that the content we write uses proper tags, but the number one golden rule to remember in 2018 is that mobile is king! Make sure your content is mobile friendly and the content you write is compelling for the reader’s viewpoint.

The year 2018 is all about your customer!

Here are some places to get tips on the newest trends in marketing:

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